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The Southwest Chapter of AMSP/NAPL/NAQP
The AMSP/NAPL/NAQP  New Southwest Chapter provides regional networking and educational opportunities within the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas.  The association provides

  • Instant Postal Information
  • Management Education
  • Periodicals, Business Surveys, and Manuals unique to the industry
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Fulfillment Best Practices
  • Individual Help with Postal and Employment Issues

Members of AMSP/NAPL/NAQP are in the mailing services, product fulfillment, literature fulfillment or printing business. Associate members are the suppliers to the mailing and fulfillment services business.

A broad range of services is available to member companies, to help them realize their full potential in the mailing and fulfillment business. These services have been selected and developed by mailing and fulfillment professionals themselves — so they have been designed to fill the most pressing needs of the industry today, while keeping an eye on the industry of tomorrow.

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